Indian Nations


Wed May 21, 2014
Cayuga Nation

Feds, state court get in involved in Cayuga leadership fight

A police officer guards a Cayuga Nation office in Seneca Falls earlier this month.
Ryan Delaney WRVO

The leadership dispute between factions of the Cayuga Indian Nation continues to work its way through bureaucracy, with state courts and the federal government both soon to weigh in.

This week two county courts - Seneca and Cayuga counties - declined to hear a lawsuit brought by Clint Halftown, who claims he is still the rightful federal representative of the Cayuga. That title allows him to control federal money and the nation’s business interests.

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Wed May 14, 2014
Regional Coverage

Cayuga Nation leadership dispute continues to smolder

The flare up in events is a boiling over of a decade-old dispute among senior members of the Cayuga, who disagree over who controls the nation and its business interests.

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Tue May 6, 2014
Cayuga Nation

Cayuga Nation leadership dispute heading to court

Sam George, a sachem chief of the Cayuga Nation and member of the Unity Council.
Ryan Delaney WRVO

The decade-old leadership dispute between factions of the Cayuga Indian Nation that flared up last week is heading to the courts.

Clint Halftown, who claims to be the rightful federal representative of the Cayuga, filed lawsuits against a group of chiefs and clan mothers who say they are in charge of the nation.

That group, who call themselves the Unity Council, moved last week to take control of two nation-run gas stations and office buildings in the Finger Lakes.

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Fri May 10, 2013
Politics and Government

Cuomo details his plan for upstate casinos

The Seneca Niagara Casino is one of three casinos from which Indian nations are withholding revenues earmarked for local governments.
Daniel Robison/Innovation Trail

Gov. Andrew Cuomo outlined the details of his plan to site three gambling casinos upstate Thursday. Cuomo, joined by union and business leaders, and representatives from county governments, offered more details of his plan to build three new gambling casinos. Cuomo says he wants to limit the locations to upstate regions for now, to prop up the failing economy. The governor says upstate needs jobs like it needs oxygen. And he says having a downstate location would devalue the upstate centers.

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Thu January 10, 2013
The Upstate Economy

Cuomo says proposed casinos would draw tourists upstate

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During his State of the State address on Wednesday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo offered more details on a plan for casino gambling in New York state. If the governor gets his way, the proposed new casinos would come to upstate first.

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