In this archived broadcast from July 26, 1991, John Weeks talks about how birds and insects are great nesters and how they are the greatest architects. He speaks about mostly birds and how they build their birds nest how they are all unique and different. Every bird and insect has a different taste so depending on the type of bird or insect the nest or "home" is different and Weeks goes into detail about that. 

Natural Insect Control

Apr 27, 2015

In this archived broadcast from August 10, 1984, John Weeks talks about the art of a bird watcher. He goes into detail about different birds and how they all eat and feed off of different insects. He talks about how birds will change the insects that they eat depending on the season.

Natural Insect Control

Aug 11, 2014

John Weeks discusses different kinds of birds and their foraging habits that he witnesses in his own yard. He talks about how many trips they make in a day from their nest to the yard and how with each trip, they are acting as a form of insect control. He argues that birds are better to depend on for insect control because insects do not develop an immunity to them.

Finding Trout Food

Mar 13, 2014
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In this archived broadcast, Finding Trout Food, from March 30, 1984 John Weeks talks about how trout season is almost upon us. He says that not only does he like to fish for trout but he has become very interested in what trout feed on. In this broadcast he talks about some of the different foods that trout feeds on and talks about each of the different things including all the different flies.

Reading the Message

Dec 4, 2013

This archived broadcast was from September 11, 1987. John Weeks talks about the journey across the seasons. He talks about the weather and the different animals and plants that are around during the different seasons.

This is an archived broadcast from October 28, 1988. John Weeks talks about where insects go in the winter and he talks about how he use to teach a class in CNY and every year he would explain to the students where the insects go in the winter. He talks a lot about butterflies and some other insects hibernating.

In this, broadcast from 1988, John Weeks talks about how insects act during the winter. He mentions that some insects hibernate during the winter while other insects do not. He talks about the different bugs and then he tells a story about when he used to occasionally teach in Central New York and talked about some things that he asked his students. Weeks goes into detail about some of the insects especially the caterpillar.


Feb 8, 2013

John Weeks discusses the shrike or "butcherbird." So called because of its eating habits, the shrike violently feeds on large insects, small rodents, and small songbirds.

Highways of Silk

Jun 13, 2012

John Weeks talks about Tent Caterpillars and their effect on apple and cherry trees. Weeks explains how these insects, usual thought of as pests, serve a necessary role in the ecosystem. In fact, the Tent Caterpillars are not really harmful to the trees at all.

Originally aired June 19,1987.

Nature Walk Through Rice Creek

Apr 3, 2012

John Weeks take a walk through the back of Rice Creek Field Station looking for signs of spring, examining rocks, insects and even finds a pair of mating birds.

Originally aired April 6th, 1984.