Sat May 11, 2013

Event showcases student innovation and creativity

"Taco Tape" inventor, Ruby Soudant, who is in the 4th grade
Ashley Hassett/Innovation Trail

More than 100 kids showcased their ideas at the 11th annual Western New York Invention Convention, held recently at Medaille College in Buffalo. It was created to promote creative thinking and encourage scientific problem solving.

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Tue March 26, 2013

New window coating allows sunlight but filters heat

Professor Sarbajit Banerjee holding the "Smart Window" coating sample.
Ashley Hassett/Innovation Trail

It’s a creation expected to reduce the cost of heating and cooling for homes and businesses. It took five years for University at Buffalo Professor Sarbajit Banerjee and his students to invent a window film that repels heat from the sun.

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Tue March 12, 2013

RIT students invent new luggage tracking device

ToastyKen Flickr

A team of Rochester Institute of Technology students has created a system that allows travelers to get real-time updates on the location of their luggage by way of an embedded device in their suitcase.

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Fri November 23, 2012
The Upstate Economy

Regionally developed helmet technology attracting manufacturers

An upstate company has developed a system for motorcycle helmets that could have applications for both defensive driving and sports. A system of sensors alerts riders when the helmet has damage that might not be visible, but could compromise safety.

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Fri October 26, 2012

New fingerprint reader is 100 times more accurate

Sporting multiple generations of its biometric technology, UltraScan CEO John Schneider holds what he claims is his company's holy grail: an ultrasonic chip that produces a more accurate fingerprint.
Daniel Robison Innovation Trail/WBFO

One small upstate tech company is poised for its big break. A few months ago, UltraScan announced a new invention for reading fingerprints that’s up to 100 times more accurate than current methods. The company thinks their invention will fundamentally change how we identify ourselves and pay for purchases.

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