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Wed April 30, 2014
Regional Coverage

Oneida County Sheriff creating a community affairs unit

The Oneida County Sheriff's Office is launching its new community affairs unit with hopes that it will continue providing positive contact between law enforcement and the county's residents. 

Sheriff Robert Maciol introduced the community affairs unit during his inaugural state of the county law enforcement address at Utica College earlier this week.

"I need a direct life line to the community of Oneida County. I mean we need the people of Oneida County just as much as they need us," he said.

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Wed January 22, 2014

Budget paves way for statewide information sharing for police

Office of Governor Andrew Cuomo

Tuesday’s executive budget proposal address included a $10 million initiative from the Cuomo administration to create a statewide police information database.

The New York State Protection Cloud is designed to make it quicker and easier for local police departments to share information across jurisdictions.

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Mon January 13, 2014
Regional Coverage

Longtime Onondaga County sheriff announces retirement

Onondaga County Sheriff Kevin Walsh (right) announced his retirement, as Deputy Chief John Balloni (left) looks on.
Ellen Abbott/WRVO

Onondaga County Sheriff Kevin Walsh announced Monday morning that e will retire after 20 years in the position.

While Walsh made the decision public at an event in downtown Syracuse, he said it's something he has known he would do for quite a while.

"I pretty much had made my decision at the end of the last election.  But I was not join going to commit one way or this other until I had to commit, in case things changed and I decided I wanted to do another term," said Walsh. "I didn't want to be accused of flip flopping."

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Wed November 27, 2013
Regional Coverage

Oneida County enacts new cyberbullying law

Cyberbullying has become a front and center issue for Oneida County in recent months. Now those online attacks are a punishable offense.

The newly enacted local law makes several forms of computer bullying illegal, including posting doctored images, creating a fake profile or website, and making online statements that are meant to immediately provoke another person.

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Tue September 10, 2013
Around the Nation

New York's Gun Control Law Gets Even More Controversial

Originally published on Tue September 10, 2013 7:08 am



The shooting last year at an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut just before Christmas and leaving little children dead looked for a moment like it would change gun laws. It didn't, expect in a couple of places. New York was one. That state quickly passed one of the toughest gun control laws in the nation, but it was hugely controversial, especially in rural parts of the state.

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Thu April 4, 2013
Regional Coverage

Syracuse Police Department Review Board making a difference

Citizen Review Board administrator Joseph Lipari
Ellen Abbott WRVO

It's been about a year since a revitalized Citizen's Review Board started investigating complaints about Syracuse Police officers, but their first annual report, which covers the last half of 2012, shows progress.  

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Mon January 28, 2013
Regional Coverage

Pawn shops finding ways around Syracuse laws

The city of Syracuse is asking Onondaga County to help crack down down on burglaries. Syracuse officials want to make it harder for burglars to sell stolen items to second hand shops throughout the county.

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Fri January 4, 2013
Regional Coverage

Groups calls for Onondaga County jail oversight board

The United as One Coalition is taking its case for an Onondaga County jail oversight board to county lawmakers.  Coalition members want the Onondaga County Legislature to create a board that they say could ultimately save lives.

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Thu September 20, 2012
Regional Coverage

Oneida County bath salts use down, but drugs still a problem

The use of synthetic drugs like bath salts became a growing health and law enforcement problem in upstate New York this summer.  Wednesday, the public had a chance to learn more about this latest trend in drug abuse at a forum in Utica.

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