Marcellus Shale


Thu December 19, 2013
Politics and Government

Bankrupt hydrofracking company sues Cuomo administration over delays

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A bankrupt energy company is suing the Cuomo administration over the long delayed decision on whether to allow hydrofracking in New York state. Their attorney says the action was prompted by remarks made by Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his health commissioner earlier this week.  

Norse Energy had once hoped to frack natural gas in New York’s Marcellus Shale. But they say as the Cuomo administration’s environmental review languished, they we're driven out of business. They say around $100 million in assets has been obliterated, along with 100 or so jobs.

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Wed July 24, 2013
Politics and Government

Hydrofracking decision in New York weighs on supporters, detractors alike

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New York today enters into the sixth year of a defacto moratorium on whether to allow hydrofracking in the state. Business and industry groups are expressing dismay over what they say is too long a delay.

In the summer of 2008, then Gov. David Paterson and the legislature imposed an actual moratorium in New York on the gas drilling process known as hydrofracking. After it expired, Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s environmental agency began an extended review.

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Tue October 16, 2012
Politics and Government

Pro-frackers rally at the state Capitol

Pro-frackers, including state Senator Tom Libous, rally at the state Capitol
Karen DeWitt WRVO

The New York state Capitol has been the scene of numerous noisy demonstrations on hydrofracking. But on Monday, it was supporters of gas drilling, not opponents, who were protesting.

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Wed September 5, 2012

As New York's fracking decision nears, legal battles loom

A drill rig in Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania.
Marie Cusick Innovation Trail/WMHT

New York State is poised to issue its final plans for regulating hydrofracking. But even with a decision imminent, there’s no guarantee this controversy will die down.

Instead, the fight will likely head to the courts.

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Fri August 24, 2012
Regional Coverage

Anti-fracking protestors go wherever Cuomo goes

Ellen Abbott WRVO

Whenever Governor Andrew Cuomo goes out in public these days, he seems to have a shadow. Hydrofracking foes want to keep the pressure on the governor as a decision about the controversial drilling method nears.

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Thu August 16, 2012

Study finds high risk to drinking water from fracking wastewater

Each shale natural gas well requires millions of gallons of water to be fracked.
Matt Richmond WSKG

A new study on managing wastewater produced by hydraulic fracturing finds the biggest risk of contamination to drinking water supplies occurs during the disposal process.

The report is by Stony Brook University and was published this month in the journal "Risk Analysis."

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Fri June 15, 2012
Regional Coverage

Pro, anti fracking advocates clash in Albany

Supporters and opponents of a plan to allow limited hydrofracking in New York’s Southern Tier region confronted each other at the state Capitol .

For months, the Cuomo administration has been signaling that it might permit the gas drilling process known as hydrofracking in a few areas in the Marcellus Shale region where the majority of people in communities want the gas drilling process to begin.

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