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Thu March 20, 2014
Regional Coverage

Schumer vows to fight troop reduction at Fort Drum

Sen. Charles Schumer says he will use his politial power to protect Fort Drum from further cuts.
David Sommerstein NCPR

New York Sen. Chuck Schumer says he’s not afraid to use his political might to protect Fort Drum from cuts to the military budget. Schumer held a press conference at Watertown City Hall Wednesday as the Pentagon prepares to axe up to 100,000 Army troops.

The possibility of an Army downsizing to 1940s levels is fraying nerves in military communities nationwide. But on Monday, concern deepened. The Army circulated a sort of worst-case scenario report – and it included assessing the loss of nearly 90 percent of the troops stationed at Fort Drum.

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Sun April 22, 2012
Regional Coverage

Fort Drum contributes $1.6 billion to region's economy in 2011

Everyone in the north country recognizes that Fort Drum plays a huge role in the region's economy. Just how big is the subject of a report the post puts out every year, called the annual economic impact statement. This year's report says Fort Drum contributed over $1.6 billion dollars in spending in the 2011 fiscal year.

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