morning sun

Abundance at Sunrise

May 27, 2015

In this archived broadcast from  July, 6, 1990 John Weeks talks about the sunrise and how he gets up early to look at the birds. He talks about how the sunrise is the most important part of the day and what he enjoys about it. He narrates his morning and the birds that he seeing such as the sparrows that nest by his home.

You Are how you Plant

Sep 1, 2012

Question: which of the following is the most sensible statement?
A) best time to do your landscape chores is on a hot, sunny day at noon.
B) best time to water your plants is on a hot, sunny day at noon.
C) best way to keep your landscape verdant and thriving is to ignore it.
D) best way to keep plants thriving is to place them where the sun and other natural conditions will work to their advantage as they become established.
(correct answer is D, unless you are a mad dog or an Englishman and inclined to take song lyrics by Noël Coward  literally)

Light and Shade

May 25, 2012

Which is better, morning sun or afternoon sun?  And where does mid-day sun fit into the growing cycle?  Well... it all depends.  To learn how and why, grab your polarized sunglasses and tune in as Jim sheds light on the many shades of sunlight.