Tue September 3, 2013

Syracuse embracing art revitalization through public pieces

Walt, the Loch West Monster is one of several art installations done in downtown Syracuse to beautify and promote the area.
Gino Geruntino/WRVO

The steady loss of manufacturing jobs in upstate cities has caused a similar decline in their downtown areas. But cities like Syracuse are hoping to change that perception through art revitalization projects aimed at promoting the city's center while beautifying neighborhoods.

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Tue February 14, 2012
Regional Coverage

Boys and girls: start your robots!

They weren't quite the Transformers from the movies, but once the bell rang inside the Museum of Science and Technology in Syracuse, the robot's wheels turned, gears spun and metal arms extended.

The VEX Robotics Competition was the culmination of weeks of engineering and problem solving for central New York students. 

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