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Tue March 6, 2012
-Nature of Things

Frank Bivel on the Lifestyle of the Native American

John Weeks interviews Frank Bivel and his idea to put a program together that would further explain the lifestyle of a Native American. Bivel discusses the details of his plan and how he hopes to make the life of a Native American physically come to life to modern day people by working with the same resources Native Americans once did.


Originally aired on March 8th, 1985.


Tue March 6, 2012
-Nature of Things

How to Tap Maple Trees

John Weeks explains how to tap a maple tree step by step.

Originally aired March 9th, 1984.


Tue February 28, 2012
-Nature of Things

Hazards of a Drop of Water

John Weeks discusses  heavy precipitation and winter snowfall in Central New York, sharing his personal experiences with the snowstorms of 1957, 1958, and 1966.


Originally aired on February 21st, 2003.