Thu April 24, 2014

String of heroin overdoses stresses prevention drug training

ACR Director of Prevention Services Erin Bortel holds up a vial of Narcan, a drug that can prevent opioid overdose.
Ellen Abbott WRVO

A spate of heroin overdoses last week in Syracuse has created a more urgent tone for one community organization’s program meant to fight overdoses. The Opioid Overdose Prevention Program run by ACR Health in Syracuse hopes to prevent stories like this in the future.

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Sun August 25, 2013

The I-STOP law: a doctor worries for his patients

Credit Shawn Honnick / Flickr

The new I-STOP law passed by the New York State Legislature is aimed at reducing the amount of overdoses on prescription painkillers; although some groups worry it might do more harm than good. This week on “Take Care,” we talk to Dr. Joseph Navone, president of the Upstate New York Society of Medical Oncology and Hematology, a group that specializes in pain and pain relief for patients.

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Sun August 11, 2013

The 'big mistake' of painkillers

Peacock Parables Flickr

They’re supposed to kill pain, but they could be hurting patients more than helping them. This week on “Take Care,” we talk to Barry Meier, a New York Times reporter and the author of A World of Hurt: Fixing Pain Medicine’s Biggest Mistake, about painkillers in the medical field.

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Tue June 12, 2012
Regional Coverage

NY lawmakers approve electronic drug prescriptions bill

bradleypjohnson Flickr

New York state lawmakers have approved legislation requiring doctors to issue drug prescriptions electronically within three years.

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