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Wed October 5, 2011
Politics and Government

Environmental groups call on Cuomo administration to extend public comment period on hydrfracking

The groups delivered 180 water powered alarm clocks to Governor Cuomo’s office door, as part of their request for more time for the public to comment on proposed rules to allow hydrofracking in New York on some private lands.

 Katherine Nadaeu, with Environmental Advocates, says more time is needed to determine potential health effects of the gas drilling process, which uses chemically laced water to bore into underground
shale deposits in order to extract the gas.

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Mon October 3, 2011
Politics and Government

Cuomo opens door to avoid layoffs

Governor Andrew Cuomo opened the door to avoiding  the layoffs of 3500 state workers after a union contract was rejected, but he says it’s entirely up to the union leadership whether the job cut backs occur or not.

The Public Employees Federation is floating the idea of some so called tweaks to the tenets of the rejected labor contract, including, perhaps charging more for health care on a sliding scale
based on the amount of a worker’s pay.

In an interview with public radio, Governor Cuomo says he’s “open” to talking about the proposals .

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Fri September 30, 2011
Politics and Government

Union President Hopes to Avoid Layoffs After Contract Rejection


Two days after one of the state’s two major worker unions rejected a contract, the Public Employees Federation President says he has “new ideas” for a contract settlement, and is anxious to meet with
Governor Cuomo to discuss options to avert the 3500 layoffs ordered by the governor.

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Sat August 13, 2011

New York Negative on Obama for the First Time

ALBANY (August 12, 2011) - A poll finds that for the first time, President Obama has a negative rating in New York State.

WRVO's capitol correspondent Karen DeWitt reports.


Sat August 13, 2011

New York State Lawmakers Unhappy with Frack Panel Composition

OSWEGO, NY (August 11, 2011) - As the US Department of Energy's Natural Gas Subcommittee released its draft recommendations on fracking, numerous New York legislators made it known that they're not happy with the panel's make-up.

As WRVO's Joyce Gramza reports, state and local lawmakers say the federal panel is tilted toward oil and gas interests.


Sat August 13, 2011

Republicans Struggle with State Redistricting

ALBANY, NY (August 8, 2011) - Republicans hold a one vote lead in the State Senate and worry that changes to the way districts are redrawn will put them at a disadvantage to hold the majority.

WRVO's Karen Dewitt reports.


Fri June 24, 2011