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Fri April 1, 2005
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U-C-E Responds to Onondaga Nation Land Rights Action

Syracuse, NY – An outspoken Indian land claim opponent is speaking out against the Onondaga Nation's land rights lawsuit filed in early March in Syracuse NY. The President of Upstate Citizens for Equality talked about the land claim with WRVO's Elizabeth Christensen.


Fri March 25, 2005
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Oswego Film Group

Oswego, NY – There's a new venue in Central New York for alternative and foreign films. The Oswego Film Group will screen the movie "Hotel Rwanda" next Wednesday night at the Oswego Cinema. The group's founder, Jon Peck, told WRVO's Skye Rohde he wants to develop a forum for film buffs to watch and discuss acclaimed movies from all genres.


Thu March 10, 2005
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"There Was A Zeppelin" feature interview

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Thu March 10, 2005
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New York Teachers fight childhood obesity

Oswego, NY – The New York state's largest teachers union has launched an anti-obesity program for school children. A pilot program introduced by the New York United Teachers is aimed at encoouraging students to develop good eating habits.
The teachers' union's Richard Ianuzzi spoke with WRVO's Chris Ulanowski.


Thu March 3, 2005
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New York State under funds Public Higher Education

Oswego, NY – Professional groups representing colleges and faculty members have issued a white paper that examines higher education in New York.
The groups, lead by the New York State Public Higher Education Conference Board, found that New York is failing to adequately support public higher education. The Conference Board is co-chaired by former State Comptroller H. Carl McCall.


Thu March 3, 2005
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New York's defunct Death Penalty Law under review

Oswego, NY – The Republican-controlled New York State Senate plans on a vote to bring back the state's flawed death penalty law.
WRVO's Elizabeth Christensen spoke with Onondaga County District Attorney, an outspoken proponent of reinstating New York's death penalty law.


Thu March 3, 2005
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Celebrating Adirondack Women

Red Creek, NY – A local folksinger is working to highlight the lives of women in the Adirondacks from the 1800s to the present day. Peggy Lynn is visiting schools and libraries across central and northern New York to entertain students while educating them about some of the women who have helped shape Adirondack history. WRVO's Skye Rohde has this report.


Wed March 2, 2005
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D.A. William Fitzpatrick Speaks Out on Death Penalty

Oswego, NY – WRVO's Elizabeth Christensen speaks with Onondaga County District Attorney William Fitzpatrick about the future of NY's death penalty statute.


Tue March 1, 2005
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Group issues call for Embryonic Stem Cell Research in New York

Oswego, NY – Advocates for embryonic stem cell research meet with NY legislators to discuss lifting the current state ban on that practice. One of those testifying before state lawmakers will be Robin Eliot - the chair of a group called "New Yorkers for the Advancement of Medical Research. He spoke with WRVO's Elizabeth Christensen.


Thu February 24, 2005
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Environmental questions raised about Pataki's Catskill Region Casino Plan

Oswego, NY – A number of environmental groups around the state say Governor Pataki's plan to locate five native-run casinos in the Catskills region needs further study.
One of those groups is "Environemtnal Advocates." WRVO's Elizabeth Christensen spoke with E-A's Jeff Jones about increased development in the former "Borscht-Belt."


Tue February 22, 2005
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Then & Now - WRVO Stations' Weekend News Program

Oswego, NY – Then & Now - February 20, 2005


Thu February 17, 2005
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Oneida Indian Nation of New York has a major impact on the Upstate New York economy.

Hamilton, NY – Colgate University's Upstate Institute has released the first part of a study examining the economic impact of New York's Oneida Indian Nation.
Upstate Institute Director Jill Tiefenthaler explains the findings to WRVO's Elizabeth Christensen.
(more information about the study is available at


Thu February 17, 2005
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SUNY Tuition Guarantee Proposed

Oswego, NY – State University of New York Chancellor Robert King visited Oswego Wednesday to talk to college students about his new tuition proposal. King took time before his presentation to explain the plan to WRVO's Elizabeth Christensen.


Mon February 14, 2005
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Profile: Georgena Terry

Macedon, NY – What started out 20 years ago as a hobby is now a Central New York business success serving female cyclists. Terry Precision Cycling, located in Macedon, sold millions of dollars worth of bicycles, saddles and apparel last year. WRVO's Skye Rohde has this profile of Georgena Terry, the company's founder.


Thu February 10, 2005
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Mental Health Court

Syracuse, NY – The Onondaga County Justice System may soon place more emphasis on mental health in Family and Criminal Court cases. A group called the Partnership for Mental Health Alternatives has released its recommendations for better handling of mental illness in the criminal justice system. WRVO's Skye Rohde has this report.


Wed February 9, 2005
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State Assembly Republican Opposes Pataki Land Claim Legislation

Oswego, NY – 115th District New York State Assemblyman David Townsend,(R) Kirkland, is urging Governor Pataki to delay action on proposed land claim settlements and casino compacts with five Native American Nations. Townsend asked Pataki to wait for the U-S Supreme Court to render a decision in a lawsuit filed by the City of Sherrill, Oneida Co. against the Oneida Indian Nation of New York. Townsend explains his position to WRVO's Elizabeth Christensen.


Mon February 7, 2005
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Interview: Scoot Over Skinny

Oswego, NY – Many Americans see fat as a number on a scale or a social issue. But one local professor wants people to understand that fat is an experience too. Oswego State University professor Ira Sukrungruang and Ohio State University professor Donna Jarrell co-edited "Scoot Over Skinny," which they call the "fat nonfiction anthology." Sukrungruang spoke with WRVO's Skye Rohde about his book.


Thu February 3, 2005
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Upstate Congressman responds to President's State of the Union Address

Oswego, NY – Upstate Congressman Sherwood Boehlert praises President Bush's speech - says a "top to bottom" review of the Social Security system is necessary.


Wed February 2, 2005
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Spitzer criticizes Bush Social Security Overhaul

Wash. D.C. – Democrats are criticizing President Bush's plan to overhaul the Social Security system. New York State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer gave a hint of the Democratic response when he spoke Monday at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.


Wed February 2, 2005
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Debate Continues Over Emergency Contraception in NYS

Oswego, NY – The New York State Assembly has passed a bill that would allow women to get the so-called "morning after pill" without a prescription from their pharmacists.

WRVO's Elizabeth Christensen reports.


Thu January 27, 2005
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Nuclear Safety

Oswego, NY – Recent job cuts at two Lake Ontario nuclear power plants near Oswego, NY have raised questions about safety. While the 51 layoffs have an obvious effect on the workers who were let go, it also means more work for those left behind. That has some nuclear watchdogs concerned about the effect of low staffing levels on plant safety. Elizabeth Christense reports.


Tue January 25, 2005
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Hat Factory Art Collective

Oswego, NY – Much has been said about the flight of young talented people from upstate New York in search of better opportunities elsewhere. One group of young artists is staying. They're renovating space in a long vacant upper floor of a century-old downtown Oswego building into a community art gallery. WRVO's Mark Lavonier caught up with the 'founding' members who call themselves the 'Hat Factory' collective.


Fri January 21, 2005
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Lowe's Walkers

Oswego, NY – Wintertime in Central New York has always been tough for walkers. They brave ice, unshoveled driveways and cold air to get their exercise. But now there's another option. The Lowe's Home Improvement store in Oswego is welcoming walkers inside the store. WRVO's Skye Rohde has this report.


Wed January 12, 2005
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Auburn Crow Hazing

Auburn, NY – This week, the city of Auburn and the U.S. Department of Agriculture are experimenting with a variety of ways to remove thousands of crows from downtown Auburn. It's part of the city's ongoing challenge to balance nature and culture. WRVO's Skye Rohde has this report.


Fri January 7, 2005
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North Country Housing Market

Oswego, NY – A year ago, it wasn't too hard to find an apartment in Jefferson County. There were plenty of houses for sale too. But the housing market has shifted dramatically since Army officials announced eight months ago that a new brigade would come to Fort Drum. WRVO's Skye Rohde takes a closer look at the state of the county's real estate market.


Thu January 6, 2005
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Pundits Respond to Govenor's State of the State message

Oswego, NY – WRVO's Elizabeth Christensen speaks to SUNY Cortland political science professor Robert Spitzer about Governor Pataki's State of the State address.


Thu December 30, 2004
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Feature Interview: Megan Scott

Oswego, NY – Six students from the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry are traveling today to the Caribbean to put their engineering skills to work. They will spend more than two weeks on the island of Dominica, where they will install a hydroelectric generator and lead workshops. Sophomore Megan Scott spoke with WRVO's Skye Rohde about the students' project.


Wed December 29, 2004
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John Weeks: The Nature of a Naturalist

Oswego, NY – You may have heard the commentaries of John Weeks on "The Nature of Things" on WRVO's Morning Edition Friday. For over two decades, his weekly broadcast has taken us on a guided tour of the forests, rivers, and wildlife in our region, as well as the occasional nature walk in our backyard.

John's early fascination with our world has led to a career in environmental advocacy that has spanned over 60 years.

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Thu December 23, 2004
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Sign Language Interpreter Program

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Fri December 17, 2004
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Feature Interview: Steve Glamuzina

Oswego, NY – It's been over a year-and-a-half since New York State officials decided to allow liquor sales on Sundays. Steve Glamuzina is president of the Empire State Liquor Store Association. He told WRVO's Skye Rohde that, despite recent opposition from some liquor store owners in the Albany area, the policy is a good one.