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Thu November 6, 2003
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Brennan Greens Lawsuit

Richland, NY – It's a common dispute: developer versus neighbors, business growth versus environmental impact. In the town of Richland, in northern Oswego County, some landowners and environmentalists are arguing that the proper environmental review of a project that includes a nine-hole golf course has not taken place. They say endangered species are at risk as result.


Thu October 30, 2003
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Feature Interview: Robert O'Connor

Oswego, NY – Robert O'Connor, an English professor at SUNY Oswego, wrote his novel "Buffalo Soldiers" in 1993. The story was adapted into a movie, which was released by Miramax Films this past July and will be screened in Oswego tonight. O'Connor told WRVO's Skye Rohde that watching his story move from the page to the screen has been a positive experience.


Tue October 28, 2003
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Utica Curling Club Open House

Whitesboro, NY – It's not often that throwing rocks at a house is sanctioned...but it's actually the goal of curling. Of course, "throwing" a curling stone means sliding it along 136 feet of ice toward a bullseye called the "house." This Scottish game has been big in Canada for years and is a tradition in New York's Mohawk Valley. Members of the Utica Curling Club spent much of last week introducing it to new players. As WRVO's Skye Rohde reports, it has a lot to offer.


Fri October 17, 2003
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Selkirk Lighthouse

Pulaski, NY – Lighthouses are often viewed as symbols of America's maritime history, beacons guiding sailors back to terra firma. The Selkirk Lighthouse is no exception. It sits at the mouth of the Salmon River in northern Oswego County, a three-story stone structure with rooms to rent and 165 years of history.


Fri October 10, 2003
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Carrier Layoffs

Syracuse, NY – This week's announcement of 1,200 layoffs at the Carrier Corporation is yet another indication of the declining manufacturing sector across central New York and across the country. But it also begs two questions: what are other large local employers thinking about hiring and firing, and what can the laid-off Carrier workers do next?


Wed October 1, 2003
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Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride

Syracuse, NY – More than 130 people stopped in Syracuse Tuesday to advocate for immigrants and migrant workers. The activists are part of a nationwide effort to draw attention to the civil rights of immigrants in the U.S. WRVO's Skye Rohde has more.


Mon September 29, 2003
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Expanding New York's "Bottle Bill"

Syracuse, NY – This past spring, environmental groups tried to expand New York's "bottle bill" to include water, juice, and sports drink containers.

Supports of an expanded redemption law also want the deposit on cans and bottles raised from five centrs to a dime.

The bill was left untouched by the legislature, but as WRVO's Elizabeth Christensen reports, it's supporters are bringing it back this session.


Thu September 25, 2003
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Chapin Living Waters Foundation

Watertown, NY – The Chapin Living Waters Foundation in Watertown, New York is helping thousands of hungry people in the landlocked African country of Malawi -- and across the globe -- using little more than buckets, agricultural drip tape and good will. WRVO's Skye Rohde has more.


Thu September 25, 2003
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Fat Tax

Albany, NY – W-R-V-O'S Elizabeth Christensen caught up with democrat Felix Ortiz to see what's happening with the so called "fat tax'legislation.


Wed September 24, 2003
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"Fat Tax"

Brooklyn, NY – Last year, Assemblyman Felix Ortiz proposed a tax on junk food.

He says the tax would raise revenue for the state and fight childhood obesity.

In this interview, Ortiz says he'll continue his crusade this session.


Wed September 24, 2003
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New York Indian Tax Dispute

Read more


Mon September 22, 2003
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Congressman Hinchey on Iraq

New York – Congressman Maurice Hinchey shares his opinion about President Bush's policy in Iraq.


Mon September 22, 2003
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Congressman Boehert on Iraq

Utica, NY – Congressman Sherwood Boehlert shares his views on President Bush's policy in Iraq.


Mon September 22, 2003
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Congressman Walsh on Iraq

Syracuse, NY – Part 1 of our series exploring congressional views on the Bush administration's policy in Iraq.

Congressman James Walsh's comments.


Mon September 22, 2003
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Congressman McHugh on Iraq

Watertown, NY – North Country Congressman John McHugh offers his opinion on US involvement in Iraq.


Thu September 18, 2003
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Profile of a Beekeeper/Candlemaker

Canastota, NY – Beekeeping is not for the faint-of-heart. Neither is candlemaking, which requires patience, creativity and the ability to handle seeing Santa Claus from June to December. One 24-year-old Canastota resident has taken on both activities full-time in an effort to educate people about honeybees and the outdoors. WRVO's Skye Rohde has more.


Thu September 11, 2003
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Feature Interview: New York's Cancer Plan

Syracuse, NY – WRVO's Chris Ulanowski takes an in-depth look at what New York's Health Department is doing to prevent cancer among state residents.


Tue September 9, 2003
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Casino-Funded College Scholarships

Oneida, NY – The Turning Stone, St. Regis Mohawk and Seneca casinos have clearly brought more money to the Native American tribes that operate them, even if exact numbers are hard to come by. But the casino profits are also increasing educational opportunities for members of some New York Indian tribes, paralleling a shift in attitude about the importance of higher education.


Mon September 8, 2003
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Foreign Language Instruction

Oswego, N.Y. – An Education Group says foreign language instruction in New York is in jeopardy.


Wed September 3, 2003
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Coming Home to Central New York

Syracuse, NY – From 1990 to 2000, New York's population grew by five percent.

But in the four county Central New York region, population declined by just under nine percent.

WRVO's Elizabeth Christensen spoke to two families that have left Central New York about why they moved away... and why they long to return.


Tue September 2, 2003
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Jeremy's Day at the State Fair

Syracuse, NY – Self-introductory sound portrait.

Segment close : Jeremy Hanlon enters his senior year of high school on September 12. He plans to pursue a career in broadcasting. Jeremy's Day at the Fair was produced by WRVO's Mark Lavonier with assistance provided by WRVO's Fred Vigent.


Fri August 29, 2003
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New York State Fair

Syracuse, NY – The New York State Fair has highlighted agriculture since its opening in 1842. But it's also a chance for New Yorkers to learn more about the process of working with one's hands, as well as the results. A handful of craftsmen are at the fairgrounds this year to educate visitors about the tools they use and the work they do.


Tue August 26, 2003
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Manufacturing in Central New York Takes a Hit

Syracuse, NY – Upstate New York used to be a busy hub of manufacturing.

Now, factories seem to be closing everday.

Over 1500 jobs were eliminated in Central New York alone in the past six months. Companies like Nestle, Sonoco, and Marsellus Casket are moving operations out of Central New York ... to places where muscle labor is cheaper.

WRVO's Elizabeth Christensen takes a look at what seems to be a dying sector of the Upstate economy.


Tue August 26, 2003
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Who Needs a College Degree?

Syracuse, NY – WRVO's Elizabeth Christensen speaks to Syracuse University professor Bill Coplin, the author of "Ten Things Employers Want You to Learn in College."


Fri August 22, 2003
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Interview with DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe

Syracuse, NY – Democratic National Committee Chairman Terry McAuliffe was in Syracuse recently, drumming up support from local party leaders.

He took time out to speak with WRVO's Elizabeth Christensen.


Thu August 21, 2003
Arts & Culture

Profile of a Pianist

Skaneateles, NY – The Skaneateles Festival has showcased chamber musicians from around the world for 24 years. Around 7,000 people each year attend the festival, which takes place Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays through the month of August. WRVO's Skye Rohde spent some time last week with pianist Andrew Russo, a Syracuse native.


Thu August 14, 2003
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Interview with Syracuse Mayor Matt Driscoll

Syracuse, NY – A new seven story retail and residential complex will soon be erected on South Salina Street in Syracuse.

It will feature shops and upscale condos.

The new building will also allow Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield to remain in Syracuse, preserving over a thousand precious jobs in the region.

WRVO's Elizabeth Christensen speaks to Syracuse Mayor Matt Driscoll about the project.


Thu August 14, 2003
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Walsh to Carrier: Stay or Lose Tax Incentives

Syracuse, NY – Congressman James Walsh made headlines recently when he gave Syracuse-based Carrier Corporation an ultimatum: Stay in Syracuse or risk losing federal tax incentives.

He spoke to WRVO's Elizabeth Christensen about his comments.


Thu August 14, 2003
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Giving Students a Voice on the School Board

New York, NY – A new state law gives school districts the option of electing a non-voting student member to their school boards.

WRVO's Elizabeth Christensen speaks to Assembly Education Committee chairman Steven Sanders about how students are getting a voice in how their schools are run.


Fri August 8, 2003
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Oneida/Colgate Archaeological Dig

Stockbridge, NY – A group of Central New York teenagers is working to unearth Native American artifacts in Stockbridge this week. The archaeological dig on Oneida Nation homelands is part of an ongoing partnership between Colgate University and the Oneida Nation that aims to educate Native American teens about their heritage while preserving traditional artifacts.