Pavel Baev is a leading international expert on Russian foreign and security policy.  He grew up and studied in the former Soviet Union, worked in the Soviet Ministry of Defense, and is now a professor at Oslo's Peace Research Institute, as well as a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution.  In this conversation with host Grant Reeher, Baev discusses what's motivating Russian President Vladimir Putin in the Ukraine, and what's at stake for the West in the conflict there.  He compares Russia's involvement to Saddam Hussein's invasion of Kuwait, and argues that Russia is "experimenting" in

Russian and US students study cyber threats together

Aug 12, 2012
Marie Cusick/Innovation Trail

A bill to strengthen the nation’s cybersecurity laws stalled in Congress this week, but the issue remains a top priority for policy makers and business leaders around the globe.

That's why the University at Albany has launched a new program pairing students in New York and Russia to teach them about cybersecurity.