Fri April 11, 2014
Gun control

Deadline for assault weapon registration nears

Mike Saechang Flickr

There’s an April 15 deadline for owners of assault-style firearms to register them with the New York State Police, but there’s concern the provision of the SAFE Act gun control laws will be ignored.

After New York passed strict gun control laws in January 2013, sales of assault-style weapons became illegal. But for those who already owned guns with features like a pistol grip and removable magazine, they must register them by Tuesday.

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Wed April 2, 2014
Politics and Government

Critics speak out against SAFE Act during Albany rally

Donald Trump speaks at to a rally against the SAFE Act in Albany
Matt Ryan/New York Now

A pro-gun rights rally held at the state Capitol on Tuesday drew thousands of supporters and some big names to Albany.

Among those attending the anti-SAFE Act event was real estate developer and TV personality Donald Trump. Trump, who announced that he has a pistol permit, says the law takes away a person's Second Amendment right to bear arms.

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Wed February 26, 2014
Regional Coverage

Geddes town supervisor talks SAFE Act with Cuomo

Opponents of New York’s tough gun control law called the SAFE Act, continue to oppose the legislation more than a year after it was passed, with more rallies and court cases on the calendar. But attempts to engage Gov. Andrew Cuomo in a debate about the pros and cons of the legislation might be better spent in more low-key settings. One vocal opponent of the law met with the governor Tuesday in private quarters in Albany to talk about it.

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Mon January 20, 2014
Regional Coverage

Sheriff's departments air concerns over SAFE Act

Ken Hawkins Flickr

One year after the passage of the New York SAFE Act, sheriff’s departments across the state are still struggling to wrap their heads around the law, and some have gone so far as expressing personal opposition to the new laws.

Monroe County Sheriff Patrick O'Flynn says there are facets of the law that make sense, but that there are many problems. These problems, according to many upstate New York sheriffs, could have been avoided if they'd been more involved from the start.

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Fri January 17, 2014
Regional Coverage

Weekend forum will attempt to address concerns surrounding SAFE Act

As New York state passes the first anniversary of the SAFE Act in New York state this week, confusion still reigns for many about the controversial gun control law. A forum this weekend in Syracuse hopes to clear up some of the questions for sportsmen and sportswomen in particular.

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Fri February 8, 2013
Regional Coverage

Soldiers say Army instills reverence, respect for weapons

Darius Gibbs, an Army veteran, uses a rifle for target shooting at the Watertown Sportsmen's Club's facility
Joanna Richards

Speaking to soldiers about firearms, no matter what their individual views are on gun control, one thing becomes clear: they take them seriously.

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Mon February 4, 2013
The Upstate Economy

Millions in incentives go to firearms industry in New York state

Remington's plant in Illion New York has received $5.5 million in subsidies from New York
Ryan Delaney/WRVO

As the nation has been focused on gun control since the Newtown, Connecticut school shooting, additional attention is now being paid to the incentives going to the gun industry in New York.

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