Spring Energy

The Sounds of Spring Part.2

Apr 30, 2015

In this archived broadcast from May, 10, 1991, John Weeks is back in Baltimore woods. He talks about how protective screech Owls are and how in the spring they have a reputation for defending their nests. He goes into detail about the birds of spring. He talks about his walk through the woods and all of the things he experienced.

In this archived broadcast from May, 2, 1991, John Weeks talks about migration and nesting. He goes into great detail on birds and the nesting time of year. He narrates his walk and pioneer trail that he went on. He talks about Song Sparrows and how they use sound to get the attention of other birds around them. He runs through different birds and the sounds that make them unique.

The Energy of Spring

Mar 6, 2012

John Weeks discusses the beauty of spring and the roots and seeds that influence the many spouting plants of the warm season.


Originally aired March 9th, 1989.