strategic minute

Crystal describes building relationships with people in the news media for your business or organization.

Crystal shares her thoughts on communication and lack thereof in business, and how it can help you to rise above a tough situations with your audience.

Crystal talks about the importance of honesty and follow-through in business while maintaining reasonable expectations for yourself.

Crystal talks about the loyalty we have to businesses and where others can begin on that same path.

Crystal Smith shares her thoughts on independence in business, where success involves more than just yourself.

Thinking Sideways

Feb 4, 2014

Michael reminds us that although we have repetitive thinking patterns and problem solving skills that work, there can be many benefits to creating an alternative  way to see your goals through.

In this episode, Michael Meath shares some advice for an organization when negative comments appear on their social media platform.

In this episode, Michael Meath describes the importance of proactive crisis communication planning.

Getting to the Table

Jan 13, 2014

In this episode, Michael Meath discusses how to get to the table with management and decision makers in your organization.

In this episode, Michael Meath investigates the correlation between spending and achieving success as an organization invests in branding opportunities.

In this episode, Michael Meath outlines who the important audience is in an organization - its employees.

In this episode, Michael Meath discusses the ramifications of workplace confidentiality, and the best ways to enhance your level of trust within your organization.