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Tue May 6, 2014
The Upstate Economy

SUNY campuses getting started with their Start-Up NY plans

SUNY campuses across central New York are working to get the final pieces in place to begin attracting business as part of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Start-Up NY. 

Start-Up NY offers businesses a chance to operate tax-free for ten years, if they set up shop within one mile of college campus, and create jobs that support the academic mission of the school they’re affiliated with.  

So far, according to the Start-Up NY web site, there are more than a dozen colleges and universities aligned with the economic development program.  

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Fri November 22, 2013

Research group praises wind energy's production, health impact

John S. Quarterman Flickr

Wind power is saving New York state more than 800 million gallons of water annually, according to the analysis authored by Environment New York’s Research and Policy Center. It also argues wind energy is helping reduce asthma-causing pollutants like sulfur dioxide found in acid rain and soot. Field Director Eric Whalen says the renewable resource will reduce rates of asthma and heart disease that go hand-in-hand with fossil fuels.

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Sat March 9, 2013
The Upstate Economy

Loss of major movie in WNY may boost case for more film tax credits in NY

Actor Kevin Costner

Western New York has missed out on being the setting for a major motion picture, but Republican state Senator Patrick Gallivan hopes the loss of the movie “Draft Day,” starring Kevin Costner, will help push along a bill that would offer tax credits for films to be shot in New York state.

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Mon February 4, 2013
The Upstate Economy

Millions in incentives go to firearms industry in New York state

Remington's plant in Illion New York has received $5.5 million in subsidies from New York
Ryan Delaney/WRVO

As the nation has been focused on gun control since the Newtown, Connecticut school shooting, additional attention is now being paid to the incentives going to the gun industry in New York.

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Wed January 9, 2013
The Upstate Economy

Computer chip manufacturer to build new R&D facility in Saratoga County

The computer chip manufacturer GlobalFoundries has announced that it will move forward with plans to construct a $2 billion research and development center in Saratoga County.

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Thu July 19, 2012
Regional Coverage

Brewery tax credit law signed

Gov. Andrew Cuomo at Matt Brewery in Utica
Ellen Abbott/WRVO

New York state is trying to get out of the way of the burgeoning number of craft breweries in the state. Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a law Wednesday that uses a mixture of tax credits and incentives to boost the beer business.

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