In this episode originally aired, June 17, 1993, John Weeks discusses the effects television can have on the perception of nature. Humans have a biological kinship to the environment, oxygen production, carbon dioxide consumption and the water cycle, according to Weeks. Listen as he explains ways to avoid being cheated out of the uncut version of natures' wildlife.

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This Sunday, FOX Television Network is premiering a reboot of the late Carl Sagan's TV show "Cosmos." WRVO's Gino Geruntino spoke with the show's new host astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson in November about how the show differs from his other work, including as host of PBS' Nova ScienceNOW and his podcast "StarTalk."

GG: Do you think the new Cosmos will have the same flair that Nova ScienceNOW and StarTalk have?

Does watching TV reruns create better mental health?

Nov 24, 2012

The growing Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus is one of main reasons folks in western New York have hope for the region's economic future. Entrepreneurs are trying to translate research into new businesses that sell the next big thing in medicine. But not all research at the campus will cure cancer or create a corporation. Some experiments focus on aspects of life that are less life-or-death.