Wed November 27, 2013
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Gas prices for Thanksgiving travel hit three year low

Syracuse winter.
Doug Kerr Flickr

Today is the busiest travel day of the year, with an estimated 43.4 million travelers heading home for the holidays. But some Thanksgiving travelers are getting a bit of a break this year by spending less cash to fill their gas tanks on the way to their holiday destinations.

“It’s the lowest Thanksgiving gas price we’ve seen since 2010," says central New York AAA spokeswoman Diana Dibble.

Dibble says motorists will be paying an average of $3.49 in central New York, $3.56 statewide, and $3.21 for a gallon of gas nationally. That’s down 29 cents from last year in Syracuse.

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Wed November 21, 2012
Regional Coverage

Food pantries help the needy this holiday season

Volunteers from the Oswego Fire Department help to load supplies for a Thanksgiving dinner into a family's truck.
Durrie Lawrence WRVO

It's a familiar scene during the holidays—in food pantries across the nation, volunteers are packing up boxes of frozen turkey, potatoes, and cranberry sauce for needy families on Thanksgiving day. At a small food pantry in Oswego, the scene was no different.

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Wed November 21, 2012
Regional Coverage

Number of people traveling up this Thanksgiving

pixelnaiad Flickr

The number of people traveling over the Thanksgiving holiday is up for the fourth straight year.  AAA says the economy and gas prices are two of the biggest factors affecting people's travel plans.

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Tue November 20, 2012
-Nature of Things

The First Thanksgiving

John Weeks touches on the embellishment of the current version of Thanksgiving. He recounts the true origin of the holiday through the words of Governor William Bradford.

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