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Thu May 29, 2014
Regional Coverage

Mayor vetoes resolution charging SUNY Oswego for Bridge Street Run overtime

Hundreds of people attend Oswego's Bridge Street Run every year. (file photo)
Cassandra Genua

Oswego Mayor Tom Gillen has vetoed one of the two resolutions passed just days after this year's controversial Bridge Street Run. The Oswego Common Council unanimously passed a measure to bill SUNY Oswego for overtime costs accrued by police, fire and public works department associated with the unsanctioned annual pub crawl.

Nearly 30 people were arrested and two were injured during this year's event. Three students also overdosed on heroin during Bridge Street Run, but police say the event is not to blame.

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Wed May 14, 2014
Regional Coverage

SUNY Oswego students concerned about possible Bridge Street Run changes

Students gather on Friday afternoon to take part in the Bridge Street Run.
Leah Landry WRVO

Students on the SUNY Oswego campus have been taking to social media to voice their concerns about proposals to change the tradition of Bridge Street Run, an unsanctioned bar crawl that draws hundreds of students and others to the city to celebrate the last day of classes.

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Tue May 13, 2014
Regional Coverage

Oswego lawmakers vote unanimously to ban Bridge Street Run

Students wear their white shirts during the annual Bridge Street Run in Oswego.
Leah Landry WRVO

The city of Oswego Common Council voted unanimously Monday night to ban the Bridge Street Run, a decades-old pub crawl that draws hundreds of SUNY Oswego students to downtown Oswego each spring on the last day of classes. 

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Thu May 1, 2014
Regional Coverage

Petition calls for return of Oswego's 5 percent tax cap

The Oswego City Council was presented with 500 signatures calling for a tax cap during its Monday night meeting.
Gino Geruntino WRVO

Oswego's Common Council was recently presented with a petition seeking to add a five percent tax cap back to the city's charter, which was removed in 2011. The city of Oswego continues to deal with resident complaints about last year's 43 percent property tax hike, and struggle with balancing its budget.

Lawyer Kevin Caraccioli got more than 500 people to sign the petition. He says the tax cap would work in the same way as it does in school budgets, requiring city voters to approve budgets that surpass the tax cap.

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Thu April 17, 2014
Regional Coverage

Amended taxi cab law passed by Oswego Common Council

Oswego City Hall (file photo)
Gino Geruntino WRVO

The Oswego Common Council has voted five to zero to amend its taxi cab law, after working on it for more than a year. The law originally barred people convicted of felonies from driving taxi cabs within Oswego city limits, but sparked a lawsuit from the Workforce Advocacy Center, a group opposing job discrimination.

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Thu March 27, 2014
Regional Coverage

Oswego exploring all options to cut costs, generate revenue

Oswego Mayor Tom Gillen has looked at every department in the city, and is making changes to certain cost structures. That includes raising the price of some city fees.
Gino Geruntino WRVO

Many upstate New York municipalities are struggling with higher taxes and are scrambling to find additional revenue sources. The city of Oswego is no different and the mayor is trying several approaches to raise money.

Mayor Tom Gillen says the city is examining every nook and cranny of the budget to try to find ways to save money or bring in revenue.

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Fri January 31, 2014
Regional Coverage

Oswego decides against employee furloughs

Doug Kerr Flickr

The city of Oswego is making some changes to the budget it passed in December, by moving away from the city-wide furloughs it had previously imposed.

The furloughs included in this year's budget would have equated to about a four percent pay decrease to every city employee in Oswego. But now those mandatory days off aren't taking place, following the Common Council's decision to dip into the city's enterprise fund.

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Fri December 20, 2013
Regional Coverage

Oswego residents speak out against proposed budget increase

A large crowd filled out the Oswego Middle School gymnasium.
Gino Geruntino WRVO

Hundreds of residents from the city of Oswego packed the gym at Oswego Middle School on Thursday to voice their concerns about the city's proposed budget. The $34 million budget originally included a property tax increase of more than 80 percent. But the Common Council cut $2 million from the budget earlier this week, dropping the possible tax increase down to about 43 percent.

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Tue December 3, 2013
Regional Coverage

Oswego Renaissance Association taking next step toward revitalization

The city of Oswego is trying to regain what years of population decline and lost manufacturing jobs have taken away. According to Mayor Thomas Gillen, part of that reclamation means revitalizing the city's neighborhoods.

Gillen said the Oswego Renaissance Association is speaking with local banks to secure funding for small loans, grants or matching funds to assist homeowners in making needed repairs.

The money would also be tied to neighborhood development, encouraging neighborhoods to take on projects together.

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Mon November 11, 2013
Regional Coverage

Oswego honors veterans, dedicates Iraq and Afghanistan memorial

Two cadets fold the American flag before giving it to Oswego Mayor Thomas Gillen.
Gino Geruntino WRVO

A small crowd gathered at Oswego's Veterans Memorial Park earlier today for a Veterans Day flag lowering ceremony and memorial dedication for members of the military lost in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The cold, rainy weather did not stop veterans and their families from attending the event, where the national, state and POW/MIA flags were lowered, folded and given to Oswego Mayor Thomas Gillen for safe keeping through the winter months. The flags will be raised again on Memorial Day.

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Mon October 21, 2013

Oswego & Cortland compete to lower energy consumption

A small group attends an Energy Challenge meeting in Oswego.
Gino Geruntino/WRVO

Oswego Mayor Thomas Gillen and Cortland Mayor Brian Tobin are taking part in a six-week energy reduction challenge, developed by the Central New York Regional Planning and Development Board and NYSERDA.

Energy Challenge Coordinator Samuel Gordon says the idea is to reduce wasted energy.

"It's really not about competing against one another to reduce energy consumption," Gordon said. "We're really competing against ourselves, because about 30 percent of the energy that we use in our homes is wasted."

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Fri July 26, 2013
Regional Coverage

Harborfest attracts people, dollars to Oswego County

Oswego Harborfest/Facebook

The city of Oswego's Harborfest began last night, and is estimated to draw more than 100,000 people to the area for a weekend of music, food and fireworks. For Oswego Mayor Thomas Gillen, it's also a boon for the city's coffers.

"We hope to make probably $50 million for the weekend," Gillen said. "It's a big impact on the entire community within ten miles of the city of Oswego. Hotels, restaurants, just general sales tax revenue is dramatically impacted over this. So, it's an incredible economic boon to the city and the community. It comes at a cost, though."

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Wed November 28, 2012
Regional Coverage

Some budget cuts approved for Oswego Fire Department

The Oswego City Council voted unanimously Monday night to approve Mayor Thomas Gillen’s proposed budget. That will mean a property tax rate hike of about 11 percent.

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