Wed July 9, 2014
Regional Coverage

Tornado with winds at least 110 mph hit Smithfield

An aerial view of the damage in Smithfield
Office of Gov. Andrew Cuomo

The National Weather Service officially declared that it was a tornado that struck the town of Smithfield in Madison County, killing four people, destroying four homes and severely damaging three others.

Madison County Sheriff Allen Riley announced that the victims include Kimberly Hillard, 35; her four-month-old baby, Paris Newman; Virginia Warner, 70; and Arnie A.D. Allen, 53.

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Wed July 9, 2014
Regional Coverage

Tornado kills 4 in Madison County; thunderstorms leave thousands without power around region

Damage from Tuesday's thunderstorm in Smithfield in Madison County where four people were killed
Ellen Abbott/WRVO

The National Weather Service says a tornado struck the Smithfield area killing four people in Madison County and leaving tens of thousands without power and causing significant damage through the region.

A line of severe thunderstorms moved through the entire region of western, central and northern New York Tuesday evening causing damage in various areas, but Smithfield suffered the worse.

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Tue July 8, 2014

Powerful storm slams East Syracuse; fatalities in Madison County

An uprooted tree on McCool Ave. in East Syracuse after powerful storms tore through the village Tuesday.
Ryan Delaney WRVO

Trees were on front yards, on cars, in roads, on power lines and on top of houses in East Syracuse after a powerful storm system swept through the village Tuesday evening.

A few hours later, residents were using the remaining daylight to survey damage, many walking around or sitting in their driveway, others checking in on neighbors. Chainsaws were already roaring to begin cleaning up.

Emergency crews requested power be shut off to the entire village as power lines were down across several streets and yards.

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Thu May 24, 2012
-Nature of Things

Understanding Thunderstorms

John Weeks broadcasts from the middle of a thunderstorm. Weeks explains the science behind thunder, lighting and storm clouds while describing how people throughout history have made sense of them.