Tom DiNapoli


Mon February 10, 2014
Regional Coverage

State comptroller says highway fund mostly used for state debt, operating costs

A recent report from Comptroller Tom DiNapoli's office found that most of the state's highway an bridge trust fund is being used for other things.
Ellen Abbott WRVO file photo

State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli says last fiscal year, less than a quarter of the state's dedicated highway and bridge trust fund was used to pay for infrastructure maintenance. He says the rest of the money was spent on state debt payments and other operating costs.

Republican Sen. Joe Griffo, who represents Utica, Rome and Massena, is one of several state lawmakers supporting the BRIDGE Act, which would require that funds added to the account are used only for infrastructure projects.

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Mon February 3, 2014
Politics and Government

Is Cuomo's budget surplus for real?

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has been taking credit for a $2 billion budget surplus in his new spending plan. But critics say that claim is not entirely accurate because the windfall does not actually materialize for another two years, and only if certain conditions are met.

Cuomo is fond of comparing the differences in the state’s finances since taking office three years ago.

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Fri November 2, 2012
Regional Coverage

Comptroller: Hurricane Sandy could cost state $18 billion

The State Comptroller estimates that Hurricane Sandy and its aftermath will cost the state as much as $18 billion.

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