Ty Marshal


Tue September 3, 2013

Syracuse embracing art revitalization through public pieces

Walt, the Loch West Monster is one of several art installations done in downtown Syracuse to beautify and promote the area.
Gino Geruntino/WRVO

The steady loss of manufacturing jobs in upstate cities has caused a similar decline in their downtown areas. But cities like Syracuse are hoping to change that perception through art revitalization projects aimed at promoting the city's center while beautifying neighborhoods.

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Mon October 10, 2011
Performing Arts and Culture

Remembering the Cardiff Giant

The hoax put the Onondaga County Hamlet of Cardiff in newspaper headlines across the world. But it's been more than a century since the Cardiff Giant was unearthed and there is an effort underway to make sure that "the hoax that fooled America" is never forgotten.

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