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Thu December 27, 2012
Health care

Some hospitals worry as Affordable Care Act becomes reality

Some of the larger hospitals in New York state are worried about one aspect of the Affordable Care Act: academic medical centers are slated to lose millions of dollars in a particular kind of Medicaid payment over the next few years.

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Tue September 18, 2012

New cord blood bank to open in Syracuse

Ellen Abbott WRVO

Construction has started in Syracuse on the $15 million Upstate Cord Blood Bank.  It will be the second public cord blood bank in New York state. The blood drawn from umbilical cords after childbirth is used to treat children with dozens of diseases like cancer and sickle cell anemia.

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Tue June 19, 2012

Upstate Cancer Center construction under way

Ellen Abbott WRVO

The first of 550 tons of steel beams has been pounded into the foundation of the new Upstate Cancer Center in Syracuse.  Up to now, most of the work has been prepping the area next to the existing hospital entrance.  

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Thu January 26, 2012
Regional Coverage

Syracuse hospital begins using new electronic medical record program

A demonstration of the Upstate MyChart app
Ellen Abbott WRVO

The records of outpatients at Upstate University Hospital are entering a new digital world.  The hospital has started installing a new electronic medical records program that will among other things, allow patients to access all their medical records on their computers or smartphones.  Hospital President Dr. David Smith says this is a transformational moment in medicine.

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Thu January 19, 2012

Collaboration could help SUNY schools land new grants

SUNY-ESF says it will compete for the next round of SUNY 2020 Challenge Grants aimed at sparking economic growth. The school will look to partner with area public colleges to better its chances of winning a grant.
runJMrun via Flickr

Governor Andrew Cuomo is leaning on New York’s network of public colleges to play a bigger role in economic growth -- and he’s proposing to provide the resources to do so. But there could stiff competition for those funds.

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Wed November 9, 2011
Regional Coverage

Concussion series pt 3: Spotting the signs of concussion

While a new law in New York State puts more stringent rules in place for how school districts must deal with concussions suffered by student athletes, club sports aren't covered by any such regulations.  As WRVO's Ellen Abbott reports in the third part of a series, at least one central New York recreational league is trying to do something about it.

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Mon November 7, 2011
Regional Coverage

Concussion series pt 1:More and more CNY teens affected by concussions

Carolyn Tangoran of Fayetteville suffered her first concussion as a competitive cheerleader.  She was at the base of a cheerleading stunt during practice, when it fell on her. 

"I didn't really say anything, because I just, you know, it truly is a very competitive sport, and I didn't want to step out for any reason," said Tangoran.

She kept on practicing and competing with the team.

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