urban planning

The city of Syracuse now has a document to base its urban planning decisions on for the next three decades.

Matt Richmond/Innovation Trail

Johan Jelsma is taking me on a tour of his garden on the West Side of Binghamton. He rattles off the names of plants in just one small patch of his yard:

“Eggplants, Brussels sprouts, a little bit of remnants of peas left and cucumber, melon.”

Jelsma's entire yard is taken over by a garden of vegetables, fruit trees and flowers. He says some passersby describe it as the wild yard.

“I didn’t like grass per se. I mean I like laying on it, I like running but I definitely don’t enjoy mowing.”

Dougtone / via Flickr

Hoping to better support its growing immigrant population, Syracuse has put forward a plan to create an "international village" in its north side neighborhood.