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Tue March 18, 2014
Politics and Government

Syracuse has a comprehensive plan for three decades of planning

The city of Syracuse now has a document to base its urban planning decisions on for the next three decades.

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Tue July 16, 2013

Binghamton urban farmers ask city for laws to ease expansion

Johan Jelsma at his garden in Binghamton.
Matt Richmond/Innovation Trail

Johan Jelsma is taking me on a tour of his garden on the West Side of Binghamton. He rattles off the names of plants in just one small patch of his yard:

“Eggplants, Brussels sprouts, a little bit of remnants of peas left and cucumber, melon.”

Jelsma's entire yard is taken over by a garden of vegetables, fruit trees and flowers. He says some passersby describe it as the wild yard.

“I didn’t like grass per se. I mean I like laying on it, I like running but I definitely don’t enjoy mowing.”

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Mon November 19, 2012
Regional Coverage

Syracuse pitches an "international village" to Bloomberg competition

Syracuse is hoping to have the North Salina Street business district on the city's north side be part of an "international village" to bolster the neighborhood's immigrant population.
Dougtone via Flickr

Hoping to better support its growing immigrant population, Syracuse has put forward a plan to create an "international village" in its north side neighborhood.

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