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Mon March 17, 2014
Regional Coverage

Randi Bregman on The Campbell Conversations

Vera House Executive Director Randi Bregman

Domestic abuse and sexual violence are complicated social problems that many people find difficult even to talk about.  In this edition of the Campbell Conversations, host Grant Reeher has a frank and open discussion with Vera House executive director Randi Bregman, about the nature of the problems, the best ways to address them, and the personal experience of working with the victims.

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Tue February 4, 2014
Regional Coverage

Vera House hosting teen dating violence town hall on Twitter

Vera House is encouraging adults and teens to talk about the issue of teen dating violence. The Syracuse agency hopes to get the conversation going by hosting a Twitter town hall session Tuesday.

As many as one in three teens will experience some kind of violence stemming from a romantic relationship, according to Vera House education director Loren Cunningham. But it’s often hard to get teens to open up about it.

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Thu October 31, 2013
Regional Coverage

Vera House Annual Report highlights domestic abuse survival stories

A recent domestic violence death in central New York hung over this year's Vera House Annual Report to the community this week. The deaths this week of a Liverpool woman and her friend, allegedly at the hand of her estranged husband, was on the mind of survivors of domestic violence and those who work with victims of domestic violence.

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Mon March 4, 2013
Politics and Government

NY celebrates renewal of Violence Against Women Act

Vera House Executive Director Randi Bregman speaks to survivors of violence at a Vera House event taking note of the passage of the Violence Against Women Act.
Ellen Abbott WRVO

Cheers are coming from all corners of central New York following the renewal of the Violence Against Women Act last week in Washington. The renewal of the law had been stalled for almost two years in the midst of House and Senate gridlock.

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Wed September 19, 2012
Regional Coverage

Training for those who help disabled abuse victims

The recent accusation against former Onondaga County Family Court Judge Brian Hedges, that he sexually molested his 5-year-old deaf niece 40 years ago,  has brought the issue of abuse against the disabled  into the open.

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Mon October 31, 2011
Regional Coverage

Domestic violence calls continue to rise across central New York

While domestic violence continues to be an issue in Central New York, the group that puts out the annual report to the community on domestic and sexual violence, found one bright spot in the stats. But that bright spot didn't last long.

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