Sun April 13, 2014
Politics and Government

Susan Wood and Thomas Drake on The Campbell Conversations

Susan Wood and Thomas Drake speak with Campbell Conversations host Grant Reeher

In a continuation of last week's conversation about government whistleblowing, host Grant Reeher talks this week with two actual whistleblowers, both of whom tell powerful stories about their experience.  Susan Wood blew the whistle on the Food and Drug Administration's political stonewalling on the approval of the morning-after pill "Plan B," and Thomas Drake blew the whistle on the National Security Agency's "Trailblazer" data collection project, and was later charged with espionage, bef

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Sun April 6, 2014
Politics and Government

Louis Clark on The Campbell Conversations

Louis Clark, president of the Government Accountability Project

The not-for-profit Government Accountability Project has been at the center of many of the nation’s highest profile whistleblower cases—involving nuclear power plants, the Star Wars anti-missile defense system, the World Bank, and the National Security Agency.  This week on the Campbell Conversations host Grant Reeher talks with Louis Clark, the Project’s President.  Clark discusses the importance of individual employees going public, and the challenges to them in doing so.  

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Fri February 17, 2012
The Upstate Economy

Tom Devine on The Campbell Conversations

There is nothing more powerful than the truth.  That’s the faith that has sustained Tom Devine’s three-decade campaign to promote and protect whistleblowers in the corporate and governmental realms.

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