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Wed May 8, 2013
Politics and Government

Central New York group pushing for Women's Equality Act

Cortland County women launch group to promote Women's Equality Act
Ellen Abbott/WRVO

Supporters of Gov. Andrew Cuomo's 10-point Women's Equality Act are ramping up efforts to get support for the proposed legislation. The  Women's Equality Coalition just launched a statewide television ad to raise awareness about the agenda, and supporters in one small central New York County are also raising their voices.

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Thu May 2, 2013

Cuomo's abortion rights proposal stalls in Senate

Wallyg via Flickr

A key component of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s 2013 agenda appears in jeopardy, as the governor concedes he does not currently have enough votes in the State Senate to bring an abortion rights bill he has championed to the floor.

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Thu February 28, 2013
Regional Coverage

Activist says the fight continues for equal pay for women

When President Barack Obama named the first legislation he signed into law after Lilly Ledbetter, not everyone knew her name. But, the woman who has fought for years for equal pay for women says her cause is something that affects everyone.

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Wed January 9, 2013
Politics and Government

State of the State brings initiatives for women's equality, building casinos & more

Governor Cuomo delivering his 2013 State of the State Address in Albany.
governorandrewcuomo Flickr

Upstate New York's struggling economy will get a boost if plans proposed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo in his State of the State speech in Albany Wednesday move ahead.

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Sat January 7, 2012
Regional Coverage

Judith Wellman on The Campbell Conversations

What made Upstate New York such a hotspot for the abolitionist and women’s rights movements?  Was it just geography, or was it something about the people who lived here?  Historian Judith Wellman, an expert on the Underground Railroad and the women’s rights movement in the 19th century, answers this question and offers other stores and information that illuminate this time period and counter some of the stereotypes we have about our region’s place in history.