Listening to WRVO's Digital Channels

WRVO provides three distinct real time streams of public radio programming. If you live near one of our many transmitters scattered across Central and Northern New York, you can easily tune to WRVO. Perhaps you are looking for something different?

  • WRVO-2, also known as WRVO-Remix, provides hours of curated, smart, creative spoken-word programs, amazing podcasts, cool ideas, fascinating interviews, found tape and intriguing sounds. Learn more about Public Radio Remix.  From 8pm to 10pm every night, you are also able to listen to a few hours of WRVO's showcase of old time radio, Tuned To Yesterday.
  • WRVO-3, also known as WRVO-International, gives you a point of perspective outside of the United States. WRVO-International programs is a compilation of the BBC World Service along with programs from the CBC, Radio Netherlands, and DW-Radio. Stay tuned for an updated schedule on WRVO-International later this year.

How do I hear WRVO-2 and WRVO-3?

  • WRVO-2 is available via an HD-Radio tuned to 89.9 in Oswego or 90.3 in Syracuse
  • WRVO-2 and WRVO-3 are available by streaming audio on this website. The links to listen via your favorite computer audio player are on the left side of this page. You can also use our audio-flash player by clicking the "Listen Live" link in the upper left of this page. 
  • WRVO-2 and WRVO-3 are available by streaming audio on your smart phone or tablet. Download the app for Apple's iOS platform or Google's Android platform here...