Cuomo to offer comments at presidential debate on Long Island

Oct 16, 2012

Governor Andrew Cuomo will be on Long Island tonight for the second debate between President Barack Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney. Cuomo will offer his opinions after the debate on how things went. 

Cuomo, who normally shuns the national spotlight, is making a rare campaign related appearance for President Obama, attending the debate at Hofstra University and, in his words “cheering the president on.” Afterward, he will provide commentary in the media spin room.

The governor has some advice for Mr. Obama, who was widely perceived as losing the first debate.

“Win,” Cuomo said.

Specifically, Cuomo says he believes the president will correct the perception that he was not engaged or “expressive" in the October 3 match up with opponent Romney.

The governor says the town hall style event is different from the more formal set up of the first debate, and so it will be hard to compare performances.  Cuomo says he also reserves the right to see how the president does first, before he offers comments.