Do more with less: Donate before the fall pledge drive begins

Aug 22, 2014

The more money we can raise off-air, the less fundraising we need to do on-air.

You can help WRVO Public Media bring you more news with less on-air fundraising by giving before the fall fundraiser begins. By giving early to the member matching fund, your contribution will be used to encourage other listeners to do their part to keep NPR News and programming, regional news and local content on the radio.

If you donate now, you'll help encourage other listeners to do the same. Hold your community members accountable for the listening they do each and every day by donating today!

What is a member pool? What are matching funds?

Our member pool includes contributions from listener-members (first time or renewing) who donate before the fall fundraiser begins. WRVO uses the money in the pool to encourage others to give by creating opportunities to have their pledges matched dollar-for-dollar. Early contributions provide the matching funds that make it possible. Your pledge now not only helps pay for NPR News, but also helps encourage other listeners to do the same! Help make our phones ring by donating today!

Donate here.

But why should I donate now?

If you donate now, you've done your part. You don't have to remind yourself to donate later. It's stress free. Know that when you hear us fundraising in October -- you're off the hook! You put the public in public radio. Our programming is full of great stories, both international and regional; breaking news; entertainment; and thought -- but it's only possible with support from our members. We thank you for all of your support.

Why should I become a Sustainer?

Sustaining Members are the lifeblood of WRVO. With a Sustaining Membership, you give a little bit each month, much like you might do now with Netflix or another service, through your credit/debit card or EFT. But unlike most subscriptions, YOU decide how much to give. You can even give on a quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis, if you choose. With a Sustaining Membership, it's "set it, and forget it." Once you start your Sustaining Membership, it continues automatically, and you can choose to cancel or change it at any time. And because your membership is ongoing, you won't get renewal notices in the mail! Please consider becoming a sustaining member today.

Donate now, today, and support the station you rely on.

Thank you for your continued support. You make what we do possible!