Gov. Cuomo: Minimum wage hike is dubious

May 4, 2012

The Catholic Church is weighing in on raising the state’s minimum wage, but Governor Andrew Cuomo says the chances of an increase becoming law are "dubious."

The state’s Catholic Bishops, in a politely worded letter, said church members who work on the front lines with New York’s working poor find that many are unable to make ends meet, and are "on the brink of homelessness." They called on Cuomo and the legislature to agree to increase the minimum wage. Cuomo says philosophical differences between Democrats who want the increase, and Republicans who oppose it, have stalled the legislation, but he says both sides are still talking.  

“I wouldn’t handicap it at this point,” said Cuomo. “But I wouldn’t be exceptionally optimistic.”

Cuomo says he’s usually supported a minimum wage increase.

When asked further about the legislation’s chances for passage, the governor gave a one word answer.

“Dubious,” Cuomo said.

Meanwhile Assembly Minority GOP Leader Brian Kolb wrote an op-ed piece in the New York Post, calling the bill  a job killing mandate.