Justice department hears concerns about Salina GM plant cleanup

Syracuse, NY – The settlement includes more than 30 million dollars for the Inland Fisher Guide plant in Salina and the northern part of Ley Creek.

Matt Millea is Deputy County Executive for Physical Services. He says that's not enough to account for the PCBs and other toxins that have contaminated Ley Creek, which flows downstream from the property and into Onondaga Lake.

The goal is to get the White House agreement amended to include money for entirety of the site.

"We want money for cleaning up the entirety of Lay Creek. Whether it's reapportionment or more money, we won't quibble about that," said Millea. "All we know is that when Lay Creek is cleaned up, the entirety will be funded by the responsible party, which is General Motors, Old General Motors, Environmental Trust- we would appreciate for them to pay for the clean up cost."

A judge is expected to make the call for money for the creek, and the rest White House settlement sometime next year.