Pelosi kicks off bus tour on women's issues in Seneca Falls

Jun 2, 2014

House of Representatives Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi kicked off a multi-state bus tour in upstate New York in an appeal to women to vote for Democrats in November's election.

Pelosi was joined by various New York Democratic Congresswomen and female candidates for the house of representatives. The bus tour started Sunday in Seneca Falls, where Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-Rochester) and the Democrat candidate from the 23rd district in the Finger Lakes area, Martha Robertson, joined the minority leader.

Pelosi, who was the first female speaker of the House, made note of the history of Seneca Falls, considered the home of women's suffrage.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi on a stop in Albany during her bus tour on women's issues.
Credit Dave Lucas / WAMC

“We stand on the shoulders of these women. Imagine the courage it took for them to leave home, to even speak up within the home,” said Pelosi. “But we owe those women, we owe those women, the vision we had, the struggle that they made, to take this to the next step. Because when women succeeds, America succeeds.”

During the bus tour, the minority leader is speaking about Democrat Party polices impacting women, including equal pay for equal work; raising the minimum wage; paid sick leave; and affordable and quality child care.

Pelosi also stopped in Albany and will end her tour in Chicago.