Power for Jobs Expires May 15

Oswego, NY – The energy discount program known as Power for Jobs expires after May 15.

Power for Jobs is a program that offers low cost energy for businesses that create and keep jobs in New York.

Lawmakers want to make it permanent and incorporate it with the budget, which is a month and a half late.

North Country State Senator Darrel Aubertine says the program helps businesses operate in New York, a state with high taxes and high-energy costs.

"If we can minimize that, if we can make New York State's energy policy more attractive, more competitive, we can retain and draw more jobs into the states," said Aubertine.

Aubertine made the remarks on the Capitol Pressroom.

A spokesman for the Democrat says when the legislature passes a new version of Power for Jobs, the discount business lost during the period passed the expiration date could be restored retroactively.