Syracuse Grows and Canopy Host Gardening in Syracuse Program

Oswego, NY – Advocates for local food production are encouraging Central New Yorkers to start thinking about gardening.

Syracuse Grows has teamed up with Canopy to host the brand new Gardening in Syracuse Program, in an effort to inform and prepare Central New Yorkers for the upcoming gardening season. The groups plan to hold a series of three workshops this week.

Jonnell Robinson, Co-Chair of Syracuse Grows and Syracuse Community Geographer at Syracuse University, said the program is free and open to the public.

"Both Canopy and Syracuse Grows advocate more gardening in Syracuse both in individual's backyards and community gardens. Overtime we get a lot of the same questions and requests for information, so we thought we would put on this free workshop. People can come together and learn collectively and share their stories [about gardening]," said Robinson.

The three workshops focus on managing the physical conditions of soil, successful vegetable gardening and soil toxicity.

The program is set to take place this Saturday Feb. 13, at the Bob Cecile Center in Syracuse.