Thanks for another great year of service focused on in-depth news and our community

Dec 16, 2017

With 2017 coming to a close, we find ourselves reflecting on all that has occurred this year. The radio business doesn't have a slow season, so it's not often we have a moment to step back from the day-to-day.

"Thank you everyone who helped make this a great year at WRVO. Thank you for listening, for your financial support, and for helping make what we do possible. We're looking forward to continuing this great partnership in the new year!" - Station Manager Bill Drake

The WRVO staff wants to say thank you, for all that you've done for us. We had a great year, as far as listening is concerned. Along with that, we saw record membership levels -- especially during our most recent fall fundraiser. You continue to amaze us with your generosity and commitment to quality journalism. Not all stations are as lucky as we are, not all stations have a dependable field of listeners from around the region backing them up. We're lucky to have you.

We also saw large increases in underwriting income this year. Half of our budget comes from listeners and the area businesses that support us. The organizations and companies you hear on the air, underwriting our service, also support the hard work we do.

We also received continued commitments this year from other organizations that support us. The Health Foundation for Western and Central New York will be supporting the efforts of "Take Care," our health and wellness show for another year. The Health Foundation is an independent private foundation that advocates for continuous improvement in health and health care by investing in the people and organizations that serve young children and older adults. WRVO will also be bringing you increased, in-depth reporting on health issues, thanks to the foundation's support. We look forward to making more connections in this realm and thereby continuing to serve you, our listeners.

We appreciate all of the feedback we get from listeners and members alike. Whether it's a comment written out during your yearly donation or a special phone call to tell us what you think about a new program, we take all of this into consideration when making decisions. It shows us you're listening!

Thanks to other members of our community who make our news and programming possible, as well. Our reporters certainly appreciate the time and effort given by those they interview. Each story you hear on the air requires hours of work outside of the broadcast and each call back and interview conducted is integral to the story's success. These people have other jobs, other responsibilities, and taking time out of their day to speak to one of our reporters isn't always at the top of their to do list. Thank you for taking the time to share information and insight with our listeners.

We also thank our interns this semester, Hayley Prenatt and Erin Meyer. They worked on a combination of news, web stories, editing and production. Erin will be joining us again next semester and you'll likely continue to hear some of her stories on the air. Hayley, on the other hand, will be leaving us. Not voluntarily of course -- she's graduating this semester! We wish her luck in all future endeavors.

And finally, a huge thank you to SUNY Oswego, who houses and supports us at home --whether in Oswego or in Syracuse.

We are eternally grateful to all of you, listeners, members and supporters. You make all of this possible. WRVO wishes you happiness and success in 2018. Let's make this next year another one to remember.