Trump interrupted by protesters multiple times at packed Albany arena

Apr 11, 2016

Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump spoke at a packed arena in Albany Monday night, where he was interrupted by protesters numerous times.

Trump included portions of his standard stump speech, promising to build such a “powerful and beautiful” wall on the border with Mexico that it will be named the “Trump wall.”

And he says he’ll bring lost manufacturing jobs back to upstate New York.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump at a rally in Albany Monday.
Credit Karen DeWitt / WRVO News

“They go to Mexico, they’re going to China, they’re going to Japan, they’re going to everywhere except here,” Trump said. “And we’re not going to put up with it anymore folks, we’re going to straighten it out once for all.”

Trump was interrupted numerous times by protesters. He urged the chanting crowd not to harm them, and compared them to ISIS. Trump later said that he loved the protesters.

The Republican presidential candidate says he agrees with Democratic Sen. Bernie Sanders, who spoke in Albany at a rally earlier in the day, that the war in Iraq was wrong and the trade agreements have been a disaster. But Trump says he’s the only one with better solutions.

Trump says he also agrees with Sanders that Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton doesn’t have the judgement to be president, and he predicted that Clinton would not get in trouble over her private email servers, because, he said, other Democrats in the government will protect her. But he said her whole life has been a “terrible, terrible, lie.”

Trump will campaign in Rome on Tuesday. He's expected to make a stop in Syracuse on Saturday.