Utica Police Warn of Drive By Bombing

Utica, NY – Authorities in the Utica area are looking for the men who threw a homemade bomb out of a moving car.

The men were driving a dark, late-model car, possibly a Mazda. Police think the four suspects are in their late teens or early 20s.

Witnesses say the driver threw what looked like a plastic soda bottle out of the car. The bottle contained about an inch of liquid and an aluminum-foil like substance.

The device exploded, injuring three police officers.

A haz-mat team that examined parts of the bottle found traces of a potent acid and a metallic material.

The substance can cause skin and eye irritation and prolonged exposure to fumes can cause lung damage.

None of the police officers were seriously injured, but authorities say the device could cause fatal damage to someone standing close by.

They're advising anyone who comes across a suspicious looking soda bottle to call police.