Vandals tag several Syracuse University buildings

Dec 9, 2013

Maintenance workers at Syracuse University today were going around campus trying to clean up a spree of vandalism.

Eight messages were spray-painted on five buildings at the school, according a spokesperson in Syracuse University's Department of Public Safety.

A tag on the side of the school’s communications complex read “#1 in communication. LAST in free speech.” Another message read: “liars live here. Are you one?” On Maxwell Hall, the Latin words "cui bono?" and "war" were sprayed, which translates to "for whose benefit."

A worker removes graffiti left at Syracuse University.
Credit Ryan Delaney / WRVO

"It's messed up that it's tagged everywhere," said Kenny Cavanagh, a sophomore, on his way to a final exam.

It's disrespectful to do that to a school with such a rich tradition, added Connor Gibbs, a freshman.

"It could definitely upset some students because everyone’s already really stressed out about finals and seeing something like that could really shift someone’s day," Gibbs said.

One tag read "$57,000 to take your finals," to which Cavanagh said the vandal kind of had a point.

The university's public safety office and the Syracuse City Police Department are investigating the vandalism, the university said.

Police are reviewing "significant video taping capabilities" from around the campus, said public safety officer John Sardino. Based a review of the graffiti so far, Sardino said they believe multiple people are behind the spree.

Interim Chancellor Eric Spina said in a written statement: "Every member of our campus community is entitled to his or her right to free speech, and there are many constructive ways to have your voice heard in our community. We are saddened and disappointed that anyone would attempt to exercise that right in such a destructive manner."