Wendy Long takes on tax reform

Apr 17, 2012

The Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in New York State is taking on tax reform. Wendy Long used a tax-preparing site in Syracuse to make her point.

Long blasted Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand’s support of the so-called Buffett tax while standing in front of an H&R Block office on South Salina Street in Syracuse yesterday. The Buffett tax would raise tax rates on millionaires. Long says any changes to the tax cuts that are in place now would ultimately hurt an already fragile economic recovery.

“We need to make it simpler, fairer, close loopholes and lower rates so that people, in general, can comply with the tax code easily and efficiently,” Long said.

Long also criticized Gillibrand’s comment in an Albany newspaper that the Buffett Rule would be the quickest way to pay down the federal deficit. Long says the $47 billion it would raise over the next 10 years wouldn’t make a dent in the nation’s $15 trillion deficit. She claims the Buffet Rule would be another excuse for Washington to spend more money.