The Strategic Minute

From retail to healthcare, from education to energy, and from finance to community non-profit organizations, Crystal (Smith) DeStefano and Michael Meath provide expertise in public relations and communications strategies for business. Based in Syracuse, Strategic Communications, LLC is dedicated to the media needs of its client organizations -- monitoring, proactive communication and response -- allowing leaders to focus on how their long-term strategies tie into their day-to-day activities.

Whether an organization is planning for the changing future, responding to a crisis, or promoting their mission to key stakeholders -- The Strategic Minute provides practical solutions to all communication needs. Topics include: best practices for media relations, internal communications, reputation management, community relations, social media and more.

Michael explains the acronym PESO and how it helps those in business organize the myriad choices people are faced with when trying to get their message heard.

In this episode, Michael talks about the importance of having sharp skills in public relations while embarking on a career in business.

Michael Meath describes the findings of some recent research that indicate the value of trust and empathy as a leader in business.

Too often, organizations are so focused on delivering their messages to the local news, government officials, on social media, in newsletters, and even holding special events – but they step right over their employees in order to get to all of these other channels. Your employees notice this, and they’re likely bitter about it. That is setting yourself up for failure.

There are a lot of good things that lots of organizations do or accomplish every day. Some of them are nice internal efforts or achievements, some involve new initiatives for the organization, and some stuff has a real impact on the community that the organization serves.

In times of trouble, or times of transition, we expect the president or CEO to be the delivering the messages. Sure – if the news is big enough. But the CEO doesn’t always  have to be or organization’s spokesperson. In fact, there are several scenarios in which that can hurt your organization.

For the most part, the more media attention your organization receives, the more your stakeholders will recognize you. But visibility isn’t enough. It’s the content of news stories and online posts that determine whether your audiences will have a favorable impression of you.

Crystal describes building relationships with people in the news media for your business or organization.

Crystal shares her thoughts on communication and lack thereof in business, and how it can help you to rise above a tough situations with your audience.

Crystal talks about the importance of honesty and follow-through in business while maintaining reasonable expectations for yourself.

Crystal talks about the loyalty we have to businesses and where others can begin on that same path.

Thinking Sideways

Feb 4, 2014

Michael reminds us that although we have repetitive thinking patterns and problem solving skills that work, there can be many benefits to creating an alternative  way to see your goals through.

In this episode, Michael Meath shares some advice for an organization when negative comments appear on their social media platform.

In this episode, Michael Meath investigates the correlation between spending and achieving success as an organization invests in branding opportunities.

In this episode, Michael Meath outlines who the important audience is in an organization - its employees.