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Thu September 4, 2014
State Fair

Fate of leftover state fair goldfish: the dumpster

Some the fostered goldfish Amber Canavan helped rescue from the state fair last year.
Ryan Delaney WRVO

By goldfish standards, a massive rescue mission was carried out once the midway lights went dark on the 2013 run of the New York State Fair.

Well after midnight, Janice Wilson and others rounded up a few hundred of the goldfish that hadn’t been won over the previous two weeks.

"Transporting was very difficult," she said. "Even getting containers that we could travel in because they are very sensitive to motion and a lot of them we knew would not even make the transfer."

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Wed August 27, 2014
State Fair

Classic midway prize missing from this year's state fair

Nine-year-old Kacen Chigaridis, left, and his brother Kyler, 7, play a game on this midway at the New York State Fair.
Ryan Delaney WRVO

It’s a common procedure at the state fair: step right up and try to win a prize at one of the midway’s many carnival games.

Pop a balloon with a dart; sink a basketball shot; hook a ring around a bottle. Do so, and spend the rest of a day at the fair slinging an oversized plush gorilla over the shoulder, or carrying a stuffed monkey under an arm.

But one game, and an iconic fair prize, is missing this year.

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Tue January 21, 2014
Regional Coverage

Syracuse Police Department receives animal first aid kits

Veterinarian Tim Robinson looks at an emergency animal first aid kit, while Syracuse Police Chief Frank Fowler looks on.
Ellen Abbott WRVO

It will be easier for Syracuse Police to deal with animal emergencies from now on, after a central New York animal cruelty group donated 25 first response kits the the police department.

Syracuse Police Chief Frank Fowler says cops are often the first to come across an injured animal.

"We are the first to respond to a number of calls for police services, and we take all of them very serious," Fowler said. "And ranking up there with injury and harm to human beings, we take injury and harm to our animals very serious.”

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Mon December 16, 2013

Attorney General's animal team shuts down illegal puppy flippers

Attorney General Eric Schneirdman talking about animal cruelty at the CNYSPCA.
Ryan Delaney WRVO

The state attorney general’s recently created animal protection initiative has led to the shutdown of two illegal puppy sale operations.

The state’s top prosecutor says two dog sellers bought puppies for cheap or got them for free and then “flipped” the dogs for a profit.

One seller from central New York, Carissa Seaman of Cleveland, N.Y., agreed to stop selling dogs. The attorney general says he got a court order to stop a separate puppy-flipping operation, run by Stephanie Arcara, near Buffalo. Neither woman had a license to sell dogs.

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Wed June 6, 2012
-Nature of Things

Be Kind To Young Wildlife

John Weeks talks about the importance of not interfering with wildlife. Weeks explains why it is best to leave young wild animals alone.

Originally aired on June 6th, 1987.


Thu May 10, 2012
Regional Coverage

Animal cruelty laws questioned in a public hearing

New York state wants to know if you think your pets are being protected. The state Committee on Agriculture held a public hearing Wednesday on animal cruelty laws.

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