Dr. Juan Sotomayer

Sneezing and sniffling your way through the seasons

Jun 9, 2013
Leah Landry / WRVO

Dry eyes? Itchy skin? Sneezing and coughing every other second? Yes, it’s allergy season for over 14 million Americans. But what’s the science behind these summer pests? This week on “Take Care,” we talk to Dr. Juan Sotomayor, an expert on allergies, asthma, immunology and pulmonary disease who has his own private practice in Syracuse.

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The science of allergies

Jun 7, 2013

While most people in central and northern New York welcome spring and summer, this time of year can be miserable for allergy sufferers. But many people who sniffle and sneeze through the seasons don't know much about the science of allergies.