Michael Gianaris


Fri November 16, 2012
Politics and Government

Leading Democratic state Senator says party should unite

A leading Democratic Senator says wayward Democrats should get in line with the others in their party, and form a majority to run the Senate when the new session starts in January. 

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Thu August 9, 2012
Regional Coverage

Cuomo says he'll focus on gun control

Governor Andrew Cuomo says curbing gun violence will be a priority in the next legislative session.

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Tue August 7, 2012
Politics and Government

State Senator to introduce new gun laws

francesandrew Flickr

In the wake of increased gun violence in New York and two mass shootings in the nation in the last few weeks, a State Senator is proposing stricter gun laws that he says could give New York the toughest gun laws in the country.

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Thu October 27, 2011
Politics and Government

Gov. Cuomo says he will veto redistricting lines currently being drawn

Governor Andrew Cuomo is stating in no uncertain terms that he intends to veto the redistricting lines now being devised by a joint legislative commission, because they are not independent and non partisan.

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