Wed July 23, 2014
The Upstate Economy

The Film House moves forward with plans for first and second movies

President Ryan Johnson says the Film House is working on two projects, with two more coming.
Ellen Abbott WRVO

A film production company that’s moved to central New York is scouting locations across the region for movies it plans on filming by the end of the year.

The Film House, which will be the first tenant in the new Central New York Hub for Emerging Nano Industries in Dewitt, plans on starting to film the sci-fi picture “The Opium Wars” in September. The company's president Ryan Johnson says right now they’re scouting for places like exterior farms, a run-down bar, and a big hangar with a "Mad Max" feel. At the same time, Johnson says they’re also working on their next movie.

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Tue July 1, 2014
TTY "At the Movies"

Live showing: Sherlock Holmes and the Spider Woman

Enjoy your favorite old time radio programs on the big screen, once again, with Tuned to Yesterday. We present Tuned to Yesterday: At the Movies with Sherlock Holmes and the Spider Woman, the 1944 mystery-thriller starring Basil Rathbone, Nigel Bruce and Gale Sondergaard. Based on the stories of Arthur Conan Doyle, this adventure follows Holmes' investigation of a series of so-called "pajama suicides." The cunning villain is as poisonous as a spider. 

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