About WRVO Public Media

WRVO Public Media is an NPR affiliate -- a non-profit, non-commercial, multi-platform news and information service for residents of central and northern New York State. Broadcast studios and administrative offices are located on the campus of the State University of New York College at Oswego. WRVO employs about 15 people working in management, business, news, operations and engineering.

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WRVO's service includes three program streams:

WRVO-1, NPR News, the primary broadcast service featuring programs produced by NPR, American Public Media, Public Radio International, and WRVO Public Media, among others. WRVO-1 is broadcast over WRVO-FM and ten regional FM transmitters, online, and with our mobile app.

WRVO-2, PRX Remix, is an eclectic mix of short features from public radio stations across the country. WRVO-2 is available on the web and with our mobile app.

WRVO-3, WRVO International, presents live news and information programming from the BBC. WRVO-3 is available online and on our mobile app.

Broadcast station network:

WRVO-FM 89.9 Oswego (site: SUNY College at Oswego) 50,000 watts

WRVD-FM 90.3 Syracuse (site: SUNY Upstate Medical University) 285 watts

WRVH-FM 89.3 Clayton (site: Clayton, NY) 7,900 watts

WRVJ-FM 91.7 Watertown (site: WPBS-TV tower, Copenhagen) 1,600 watts

WRVN-FM 91.9 Utica (site: SUNY Institute of Technology) 1,900 watts

WRCU-FM 90.1 Hamilton (signal shared with Colgate University, licensee) 1,900 watts

WSUC-FM 90.5 Cortland (signal shared with SUNY Cortland, licensee) 1,400 watts

Full-time low-power WRVO-FM repeaters are located in Geneva, Hamilton, Ithaca, Norwich and Watertown.

90.7 FM Geneva

92.3 FM Hamilton

92.5 FM Ithaca

89.9 FM Norwich

99.9 FM Downtown Watertown

Ways to enjoy WRVO:

All three WRVO program streams are available online, and on your iPhone, iPad and Android mobile devices.  Click here for more information. Free WRVO apps are available for download from the Apple Store and Google Play.

Internships: Qualified students enrolled at the State University of New York at Oswego (or surrounding colleges) are welcome to apply for internships at WRVO. Click here for more information.

WRVO Public Media biannual newsletter, Listen!. To access current and past issues, click here. You can also sign up for any of our email newsletters.

About our website:

At WRVO Public Media we're more than radio. We're a hub of regional news and programming content that suits the interests of our many listeners. Our reporters cover the news in portions of 20 counties of central and northern New York. Only stories with the highest level of journalistic integrity are featured on our site for the purpose of educating our listeners. Simplicity, depth and ease-of-access are the framework of our daily news updates and web design. With a completely responsive design, easily viewed on a mobile device or computer, WRVO.org gives the visitor all of the days news -- from human interest stories to state politics -- without sacrificing quality or journalistic form.

Our website also provides updates about the status of our transmitters and other station announcements.

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